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Over 9 million

citizens of Planet Earth have now registered their wish to rescue the planet and all living species from inevitable demise, due to degeneration, disaster and war.
We recognize the inter-dependence and inherent sanctity of the Web of Life and we believe every man, woman and child should have equal rights and respect, by virtue of their birth upon the planet.

We ask that our planet and only home be cleaned up and made fit for ongoing population by future generations of all species. We want the Planet made healthy and beneficial for all Life.

We want all activities, which support warfare and armed violence from one man to another, to cease immediately.

All industries which are built upon over supply of unnecessary items must cease, as the ecosphere cannot sustain this waste of resources.

If a commodity cannot be generated in a fashion of which the by-product is in no way toxic to the Life cycle of Man, by either use or by manufacturing, then it does not have the right to be produced. We call all those who use the Earth in any way, who introduce poisons into the soil, the water, or the air, or destroy habitats, to desist from those activities immediately, and put all their efforts and their people, their planners, their inventors, their doctors and their marketers, to work, repairing the damage which their product has caused.

We do not think that any life forms should be exploited or cruelly treated, under any circumstance. We call for cessation of experimentation with the life processes of any species, for any reasons other than for the benefit of those who are ill or in pain. To alter the animals in ways that makes them unable to live from Nature is unnecessary, unthinking and cruel.

We believe that every man and woman and child has the right to grow food in sufficient quantities to adequately feed themselves, and that any activities which inhibit or prevent this happening, be immediately terminated. Earth, water, and seed must be made available and a time of safety in which to plant and harvest the vital crops, must be guaranteed. All those whose job is to maintain warfare and destruction must turn their activities to assist in repairing the damage to the point that the land can bear again, and support her children.

We believe that if we have basic understanding and agreement that the above are significant pre-requisites to a new paradigm upon the Earth, we can live in harmony with each other in fairness and respect; that the Planet can be saved and that human life can evolve into a compassionate species with a viable future.

We acknowledge that there is no-one but ourselves and our fellow travelers in the Family of Life on Earth to help to create an earth where no child need go in fear of pain and hunger and betrayal and desolation are no longer.

One small voice crying in the wilderness to another and being heard, is like the joining together of the raindrops to make a torrent which becomes a giant and powerful river. We hear you and we offer you this pledge, that when our counters reach one billion, we will then have sufficient support in the form of universal agreement, to change the course of Life on Earth, from inane destruction to an understanding of how precious is the place where we all live, and how we must think together to bring about the end of destruction and the commencement of living.

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