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About "Save the Planet"

We are setting up this initiative on your behalf and it will not stop until we have restored the planet to a civilized and viable state.

We recognize that we are all divided into separate nations and this is one of the main reasons we have remained powerless as we remain subject to the whims of big business, governments, dictators, multinationals and the host of other organisations and individuals that facilitate the blind destruction of the planet, which belongs to us all.

The true path of civilisation lies beyond wars and greed. They are non-history. It has not started yet, our real history, our road to enlightenment. We have hardly started the journey and we've nearly destroyed our only vehicle. It lies in the path of enlightened wisdom and genuine caring for each other. The recent bushfires in Australia showed me we can do it. The outcome of the greatest destruction of lives in this country, from man-made forces, manifesting as climate change, showed that when life is at stake, the love and caring for fellow man and creature was not only the status quo, but the position the nation aspired to, and the nation felt whole and healed by giving and helping. The only true joys of life are in giving - if we were only aware of it. And in a world of giving, we are all the receivers, and therefore blessed indeed.

But there is much to do everywhere and we all must do it. Please spread the word and ask your friends in every country to click on our URL and register their vote.
Good luck to all of us in this Final Battle for Planet Earth.
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Lesley Pocock - Australia

A personal perspective
Caroline Pembroke,
United Nations Environment Committee

It is clear to everyone who has ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’, that our poor longsuffering Planet Earth cannot go on without enormous change. We are the most numerous of the animal species which require food, water, shelter and air in order to survive.

Our babies are vulnerable and require special care to bring them into a world of love and health. To our undying shame, this is not currently the case

The way in which we as a whole community, occupying almost all corners of the globe, have chosen to treat our resources, has brought disaster among us. What we believe has become so divided from any single truth, that we can fight to the death over inessentials. Yet we do not fight for our children or for our Planet.

But if we had the chance to fight for the Planet, for the capacity to take what we have, all the sadness and disaster and destruction, and through good will turn it all into a new and brilliant compassionate and happy way of living? If we had that chance, then what?

We would not fight with guns and knives, with torture and destruction and cruelty.

We would fight with our minds and our hearts and our vote. If one billion of us united in our support of the survival of the Planet, then we would have the right to be heard.

It costs nothing, you will be asked for nothing, except to visit the website, and by so doing, add another vote for the turning of our Planet to become a Place of Peace for all.

Then we would become “… a (union) of the sensitive, the considerate and the courageous. (We) are to be found in all nations and classes and all through the ages. (We) represent the true human tradition, the one permanent victory of our race over cruelty and chaos.”
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